It's Winter — is a digital opera, avant-garde multimedia project of the Moscow based poet and musician Ilya Mazo, which includes: a book, a short film, a music album, collaborations, a musical performance, a video game, a theatre music play and something else. Stay tuned.
SYNEDOCHE MONTAUK — First snow (It's Winter 01.18 23:55)
HADN DADN — Electric train (It's Winter 02.04 19:28)
POLUHUTENKO — Tit (It's Winter 11.22 11:25)

It's Winter is a short film based on eponymous poem by Ilya Mazo. The story takes place in theatrical kitchens and bathrooms, amid household appliances which are used as musical instruments. The film is an attempt to show what is usually left behind the scenes - loneliness, magical moment and quite human singing in response. The heroes are unique authors, the brightest representatives of Russian independent music scene and new poetic wave that changes the contemporary musical landscape:
BLUE BLUE SKY — Taxi driver (It's Winter 11.20 00:33)
IULIIA NAKARIAKOVA — Snow on the earth (It"s Winter 11.23 00:59)

Schlumbergera (Decembrist) (It's Winter 11.18 19:46)
Smile (It's Winter 12.16 23:33)
Lights (It's Winter 12.20 00:33)
Cristmas (It's Winter 12.28 01:20)
Cosmos (It's Winter 02.21 01:36)
Video game
Music album
This preaching is built on a music analysis algorithm for automatic animation created by Roman Chumak (3D artist, Phygitalism studio). Wind direction, light dynamics and place you will end up after death are changing with frequency, amplitude and other music characteristics. Languages: Rust, Python. SVETOMUZYKA is russian word for "DISCO LIGHTS.

Lyrics: (It's Winter poem - 01.25 02:20)

When you die you will find yourself
in a summer night of Crimea

In a cafe by the waterfront
You will become disco lights

After a while for sure will ask:

"Lord, what is this?"
"What the heck?"

Автор — ИльяМазо
Режиссёр-разработчик — Роман Чумак
Circle dance
"Circle dance" is a rubric in which musicians create songs based on verses of the same poem by Ilya Mazo.

TERPENIEPie (It's Winter 01.03 01:49)
ELLY ON THE POPPY FILED – Half of the evening (It's Winter 12.20 19:02)
VERA SAZHINA Spring (It's Winter 02.17 02:12)
AOB Night (It's Winter 01.23 01:19)
ZU YE FAHead in fire (It's Winter 01.07 17:15)
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